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March 1, 2022
March 1, 2022 Caitlin

Assessa launch online validated assessments

  • Assessa allows everyone to create quality surveys and assessments.
  • Converts data into sophisticated reports that provide powerful insights.
  • Scientifically validated survey and reporting platform

Melbourne, Australia (1st March 2022) – Disrupting the talent assessment space Assessa today announced the launch of their online platform for assessing organisations and their people. is a truly powerful online survey platform that is customisable and affordable, producing sophisticated reports that provide focused insight into workplaces and their employees.

Assessa has been built on the knowledge that HR leaders and team managers have long sought a more tailored approach to assessments for their organisations. The easy to use online tool generates interpretative reports that offer real actionable insight from the data. There is the customisable assessment builder to construct your own surveys and assessments, alternatively there is an established suite of affordable assessment products that include workplace preferences, workplace motivators, behavioural preferences, workplace values, leadership 360 and the 6 cylinders of wellness®. Taking the leap to make assessment accessible for everyone at all levels of organisations for hiring, professional development or building engagement.

Simon Bell, Assessa’s Managing Director states:  ”Having worked extensively in talent management and recruitment with thousands of senior executives and HR professionals I came to believe that the way we assess our leaders, teams, recruits and high potentials needs to be more easily customisable and accessible. In my mind assessment has largely been too rigid and too expensive. One size definitely does not fit all in the assessment space, so Assessa was born.”

Through the platform the tools are configurable by organization or even role type requirements, allowing HR, managers and recruiters to address specific personality, attitude, cognitive abilities and motivators.  The platform maximises flexibility and customisation for users.

Having tested the technology extensively with a variety of organisations from large telco providers, banking organisations, government departments and SME’s, Assessa are launching with an introductory offer of $250 credit for new company accounts and no subscription or set up costs. You can learn more at

About Assessa: Assessa is a powerful and user-friendly online platform for creating self-rater & multi-rater surveys & validated assessments. It can be used to gain valuable insight into careers, talent, organisations, leadership, behaviour, education, wellness and so much more.